Transmissions Festival


Keep digging the Sound

It was a unique challenge: three days of music and visions, shared with a community of fans who finally met, albeit in the distance, to celebrate Sound.
Thanks to all the artists who have contributed to making this edition of   special: gruppo nanou / OvO, Mamiffer, Deafkids, J. Zunz, Masma Dream World, San Leo, Marta De Pascalis, Pan Daijing, KMRU and Ehua.
Thanks to the  people from 38 different countries (Italy, UK, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Canada, France, Belgium, Portugal and many others) that have returned to support us, buying a ticket for the event on; thanks to the  listeners of the special program created ad hoc by our content partner Radio Raheem (big up to you guys!)
Thanks to Comune di Ravenna – Assessorato alla Cultura – Ravenna per Dante and to Regione Emilia-Romagna for their constant support.
Thanks to e production and Ravenna Teatro, partner in the realization of the show Miasma / Arsura; thanks to Swamp Booking, Qu Junktions and Morphine ArtistsClaudio Stanghellini Videomaker and Alberto “Allo” Bimbi for their precious collaboration
Thanks to Codeczombie and Supernulla for this edition’s artwork.
Now we look at the future, we will treasure this experience, but we will not stop: we are already working on new ideas, new projects, new collaborations.
We will all meet in Ravenna. Sooner than later.



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