With one of the most unique voices in any genre. Her work is brutally raw and weirdly visionary.
Born in New York City, she grew up a tomboy and girl protector in San Pedro, California. Carla Bozulich has traveled between 4 continents. She plays, composes and records as she goes. The latest album by Bozulich is Quieter (May 2018) which Exclaim! calls “…an unforgettable, virtuoso performance.”
She’s the leader of the band Evangelista, called “fierce, soul-ripping and strangely magnetic” by NME in their “Let Loose The Bats” Top 25. She is also the original force behind The Geraldine Fibbers and re-made Willie Nelson’s signature album, Red Headed Stranger, with Willie on 3 songs. Carla is noted not just for her own work but the incredibly high level of creativity and artistry her co-conspirators are known to bring forth. No matter who is playing it’s understood that the audience will be hearing the very best. Out of 100’s of collaborators here are some: Marianne Faithful, Marc Ribot, Beck, Thurston Moore, Lee Renaldo, Wilco, Christian Marclay, Xiu Xiu, Jenny Scheinman, Willie Nelson, Chris Corsano, Nels Cline, Noveller, Mike Watt, Carla Kihlstedt, Steve Shelley, Helios Creed, Damo Suzuki, G.W. Sok, Ches Smith, Lydia Lunch, Greg Cohen, Malcolm Mooney, Eddie Vedder, Marina Rosenfeld, Perry Farrel, Courtney Love, Massimo Pupillo, Shahzad Ismaily, Erika Anderson (EMA), Moby, Hadda Brooks, plus almost everyone from Godspeed You Black Emperor and Silver Mount Zion.