Transmissions Festival


Ravenna 23-24-25 Nov 2023

Teatro Rasi & MAR – Museo d’Arte della Città di Ravenna

Curated by KALI MALONE

Every year, for one week, Ravenna becomes one of the European centres for contemporary music: thanks to the community of artists invited from all over the Globe by the festival’s curator, but also thanks to the audience community that is increasingly passionate and involved in our journey.

In fact, 40% of the subscriptions (sold out two months ahead to the festival) and 30% of the tickets were purchased by spectators from abroad (UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium in primis). Set inside Teatro Rasi, an avant-garde space for live performances, housed in a former 15th-century church in the city centre, Transmissions has been able to expand its presence in the city more and more, this year involving alternative spaces such as Fargo Cafè and institutional venues such as MAR and Biblioteca Classense, once again confirming itself as a unique story, a festival for authentic explorers with site-specific events and performances that are always unique and courageous.
The adventure continues.

The success of the 15th edition of Transmissions was possible thanks to curator Kali Malone and all the artists  DREW MCDOWALL – PUCE MARY – Lucy Railton – MARIA W HORN – YOUMNA SABA – LEILA BORDREUIL – HEITH – GIUSEPPE IELASI.

Thanks to our institutional partners and their contribution: Comune di Ravenna – Assessorato Alla Cultura, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna.
Thanks to the hospitality of Teatro Rasi, Mar – Museo d’Arte della Città di Ravenna, Biblioteca Classense and Fargo for the Off program, and thanks to the artists who took part in it: Claudia Durastanti, Giulio Stermieri, Adrianno Zanni, Celia Hey, Trinity, Jonathan Clancy, Pie Are Squared.
Thanks to Ravenna Teatro and DICE, with whom we renew our collaboration every year, and to the precious support of our mediapartners: Rai Radio3, The New Noise, SentireAscoltare, Outsiders and in Ravenna to follow and document all the days of the festival; Radio Raheem, which dedicated a parallel program to the event with exclusive interviews and dedicated in-depth reports, and

Photos by Andrea Fiumana



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