Transmissions OFF

23-25 Nov 2023, Ravenna, various locations

23/11 Fargo, via g. Rossi 17, h17 – FREE ENTRY
Exhibition: Adriano Zanni – Red Desert Chronicles (Part One)*
Dj set: Trinity
+ wristband pick up point

24/11 Biblioteca Classense (Sala Dantesca), via A. Baccarini 3, h16,30 – FREE ENTRY
Q&A: Kali Malone in conversation with Claudia Durastanti

25/11 MAR – Museo d’Arte della Città di Ravenna, via di Roma 13, h17 – 5€, free entry for wristband holders
Live: Giulio Stermieri
Dj set: Pie Are Squared

23-25/11 Teatro Rasi, via di Roma 39 – FREE ENTRY
Warm up dj set dalle 20:00: 23/11 Trinity – 24/11 Jonathan Clancy – 25/11 Pie Are Squared
Exhibition: Adriano Zanni – Red Desert Chronicles (Part Two)
Loop Installation: Does Spring Hide Its Joy (2022)

*Adriano Zanni’s exhibition will run through the whole festival.